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Step by Step - Kris Evans (DVD)

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Here´s a secret: BelAmi stars aren´t just born...they come with the natural beauty, but we teach them what to do in front of the camera. Come along as our most gorgeous hunks instruct hardsome young Kris Evans on how to make love to another man.

Step-by-Step, Education of a Pornstar with Kris Evans is the second edition of a new series of Bel Ami videos. According to the advertising copy, “The Step-by-Step series is a unique look at the evolution of a porn star, from the time they first came to us as ‘completely heterosexual’ to ‘comfortable’ doing something with another guy and finally to someone who is open and curious about their own sexuality. The scenes [in this video] are presented in this order to allow you all to see this magical transformation for yourselves.” And what a transformation it is, as you’ll see. THE SOLO is Kris’s first with Bel Ami’s new Snapshots format by which they give a model a small camera to photograph himself; allowing, as with Kris, “to show off his personality as well as his other assets.” After an extensive interview covering such topics as partners, fitness and sex, Kris performs a striptease. Anyone whose libido isn’t simmering during this titillating exhibition isn’t interested in male flesh! And those who dream of long, heavy cocks with balls that hang to the floor will be in hog heaven when Kris slips from his undies, revealing a crotch that will literally take everyone’s breath away. Have smelling salts at the ready for Kris can raise and lower his gonads at will. One of many talents! In fact, he has a repertoire of gymnastic feats he can put his sizable accoutrements through. The performance is not only spellbinding and entertaining, but downright funny. Whether taking photos of himself or beating his meat, Kris’s personable demeanor shines through like a beacon. And wait for the money shot at the end when his cum goes flying about the room like a geyser. His moans of ecstasy will warm the hearts of those who enjoy hearing a man’s expression of internal pleasure. This episode alone makes the video well worth the price. THE BLOWJOB begins with Kris displaying his Adonis-like body in all its masculinity. After a moment of jacking off, in walks Henri Gaudin who quickly gets to work sucking on Kris’s pecker. Nothing is overlooked by Henri: cock, balls, perineum, and yes, Kris’s hairy butt-hole, all get a thorough going over with plenty of wet tongue licks. Kris can’t hold it in for very long before he lets fly spurt after spurt of thick white goo. THE CROSS JERK has Kris paired with Vadim Farrell, a fellow Hungarian. After an entertaining interview where the boys discuss their sexual exploits, they’re anxious to get on with the sex. Once stripped bare, both boys look almost alike: trim, hunky and well-endowed. Feeling another’s boner in your hands can be a strange sensation and you’re hoping to pump it adeptly enough for the proud owner to get off. Imagine then Vadim’s total surprise when Kris fires his load, startling him as the first explosive discharge shoots high into the air above his head. Plus, Kris discharges such a huge amount of thick white creamy cum that it looks as though his cockhead is covered in vanilla frosting as though it were a mini cupcake. THE FIRST FUCK brings Erik Bouna together with Kris in Budapest for a full-fledged sex scene. First, there’s a steamy sauna where Erik gives Kris a massage. Seeing Kris’s crotch hanging straight down over the edge of the bench is … ah, well, simply jaw-dropping, eye-bulging and breathtakingly spectacular. Next, it’s out to the shower with Erik grabbing Kris’s ass along the way. But it’s Erik’s cute little derrière that Kris has his eye on and he wastes no time in penetrating it, giving Erik a fuck he won’t soon forget. The moaning and groaning from both reverberates throughout the rafters and is loud enough to wake the dead. Poor Erik’s cum shot looks mighty puny compared to Kris’s which travels the length and breadth of Erik’s torso, ultimately landing on Erik’s face. A stallion might be jealous of Kris’s size, but his compatriots are put to shame by Kris’s endurance and shooting power. THE SECOND FUCK pairs Kris with the ever cute and tight-bodied Ariel Vanean. The location is a beautiful house—first seen in Flings—in the middle of nature’s forested preserve with two sexy, handsome, oversexed lads doing what nature ordained that virile young males do virtually every waking moment: fuck their brains out! Kris has truly developed into a sex machine on two legs, knowing exactly what to do to get his partner revved up and excited. With legs up in the air while lying on his back, Ariel is experiencing the run-up of what’s to come as Kris sticks not one but two fingers up his tushie even while sucking on Ariel’s cock. After this short prelude, Kris carefully slides his monster tool up Ariel’s hole, making Ariel moan like an alley cat in heat. The pace quickens as Kris’s butt muscles flex and wiggle with each thrust into Ariel’s body cavity. The undercarriage view of Kris’s ball-sack swaying back and forth is sublimely hypnotic. By the end, both swallow the other’s cum with most of Kris’s shooting over Ariel’s head, the discharge being characteristically powerful. KRIS BOTTOMS isn’t, as Bel Ami confesses, the first time Kris bottoms. That honor goes to … well; you’ll just have to wait for the video. This scene begins, though, with Kris, Vadim and Manuel Rios working their tails off—along with their shirts. Upon taking a well-deserved break, the boys head for the pool, but not before taking a shower and sizing each other up. Once in the pool, the water temperature changes from cool to hot in a matter of seconds as cocks bloat and libidos accelerate. After a lot of mutual sucking, Kris takes the first plunge right into Manuel’s backside. The view from the rear of Kris’s buttocks is a wonder to behold. Long story short: after Vadim takes his turn with Manuel and the boys do a lot of toe sucking in the pool, Kris is finally taken by Vadim who does a great job of boinking that big-muscled ass before Manuel takes his turn with sloppy seconds. Seeing Kris on his back with those beefy legs sticking up in the air is a sight to behold and will stay in one’s memory forever. It’s like watching a pair of mere mortals fucking a god from Mount Olympus! POSTSCRIPT is an interview filmed shortly after Kris’s ‘outing’ as a porn star in his native Hungary and upon his return from South Africa. It’s a very interesting and enlightening interview, conducted with him wearing a pair of skimpy underwear. Why? Because after the interview we’re treated to yet one more solo jerk-off that appropriately ends the video on a very powerful note. Step-by-Step, Education of a Pornstar with Kris Evans is destined to be a collector’s item. No matter how handsome or sexy his partners may be, Kris dominates each scene he’s in. His rugged good looks, masculine body and stallion-like attributes make him the unequivocal center of attention. Plus, his cum shots are now legendary. This film, like its star, is unforgettable and thus will be a must-have for one’s porn collection.

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